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Wet Abrasive Blasting Rockhampton

Wet abrasive blasting is fast become the method of choice in the automotive, industrial, mining, domestic and rural industries. Wet blasting is an approach of blast cleaning which makes use of an abrasive and also water during this process.

Wet abrasive blasting, much like dry abrasive blasting, is the utilization of an abrasive media and also compressed air to attain a required finishing on a selected surface. Nevertheless, compared to dry abrasive blasting, wet abrasive blasting makes use of a third component – liquid – to improve the amounts of surface finish that could be accomplished. The advantage of adding water makes it to be is a very much smoother and even more consistent finish.

By lubricating the abrasive materials in a buffer of water, there may be a more even flow across the surface area when utilizing wet abrasive blasting devices. This has got its benefits in that much less damage/harm is performed to the substrate and also every abrasive action is constant across the entire surface area.

This method is considered to be safer compared to dry abrasive blasting methods, since the quantity of airborne particles is lowered. We use this type of blasting method for various kinds of masonry, which includes brickwork, concrete walls, sidewalks, lines off roads and car parks, Graffiti and mould removal. Also the removal of rust and/or paint off any steel surface including aluminium, cast iron etc. The removal of paint of timbered surfaces such as weather board houses is a huge part of our business and our machine does it with ease providing a quick, dustfree solution leaving the surface in it original state.

Dry Abrasive Blasting Rockhampton

Dry abrasive blasting is still a massive part of our business and is readily used in a lot of applications providing simular results as blasting wet but with a dust factor. We can dry blast here at our business address or on site work providing we can contain the dust the blast produces.

Industrial Painting Rockhampton

We provide Industrial Painting of blasted equipment and machinery which helps to ensure the longevity of the equipment whilst providing a professional appearance.

Blasting Abrasives

We can used any abrasive media on the market today to suit the application the client requires. We recommend crushed glass when wet blasting as it is a cost effective, non hazardous, recycled, environmentally friendly product with different grades of glass for ever application.

Hold Tight 102 - cleaning additive and rust inhibitor

Hold Tight 102 is a cleaning additive we use that prevents flash rust while wet blasting. Hold Tight 102 is also a great additive for rinsing after Wet blasting. It effectively removes salts and other contaminates.

As a rust inhibitor or as a cleaning additive, Hold Tight 102 is easy to work with and safe. Hold Tight is soluble in water, non-hazardous, non-flammable, phosphate free and biodegradable. With no rain and temperatures above 40°F, rusting will be prevented for approximately 48 hours.

Colorless and leaving no residue, surface salts, including chlorides, are undetectable after use. This product chemistry has been approved by the FDA for food grade service under 21 Code of Federal Regulations 178.3400.

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